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The Empowerment Partnership, the training division of Advanced Neuro Dynamics, was founded in 1982 and operates under the direction of Dr. Matthew B. James. The Empowerment Partnership is the training and seminar division of Kona University. Our mission is to empower our students to transform their lives and for them to encourage transformation in others using holistic, complementary, alternative and integrative approaches to psychology and human understanding.

To help actualize such a global vision, The Empowerment Partnership has highly skilled facilitators who travel extensively throughout the world, touching the lives of thousands every year.

The Empowerment Partnership is the leading authority on NLP, Hypnosis, Huna and Time Empowerment Techniques, tools and techniques for the mind body and spirit. Study with The Empowerment Partnership by attending our many seminars and trainings, enrolling in a degree program, listening to our many guest appearances and interviews or with the wide selection of exclusive audio and video programs they publish.