Let us invite you to discover the universe, and the wisdom of ancient Hawaiian Huna. Come and discover why Huna has become so important to us and others who have attended our more than 60 Huna Workshops.

Come to beautiful Kona, and spend a week with Dr. Matt James and others trained in the Bray family lineage.

Huna is an Experience, Not a Classroom

Learning Huna is more about experiencing the knowledge, rather than learning the techniques. While you’ll do both at this training, it is important for you to realize that this is a very different training than any you have ever attended. Plan on “living” this material, not just “learning” it.

The Huna Intensive in Hawaii is like no other training and part of what makes it so special is being in Hawai’i and experiencing the energy.

• Interact with Living Legends: Our guest presenters are some of the most respected Hawaiian authorities alive today.
• Connect with the Land: Find out why the Hawaiians believe the land to be sacred. Learn how to connect with this very special place in the same ways they do.
• Feel the Mana: “Mana”, or life force, is one of the guiding principles of Huna. The mana in Hawai’i is very strong, so it’s easy to experience its effects.
• Chanting: Attune your neurology with the ancient Hawaiian chanting.
• Ha-Breathing: Increase your “mana”, and control your energy levels through breathing methods.
• Emotional Clearing: Experience time-tested emotional clearing techniques.
• Volcano Trip: Experience an incredible day trip to an active volcano, and feel a connection with the Goddess Pele.
• City of Refuge: Participate in an outing to the most spiritual of all Hawaiian places. Reaching this place was enough for total forgiveness in ancient Hawai’i!
• Hula Presentations and Instruction: Arrangements have been made for your learning and enjoyment.
• A Private Luau: Enjoy memorable chanting performances, hula instruction, and sunset ceremonies.

Different levels of instruction

Each level of this course runs concurrently, and you will be interacting with students at all levels of instruction. Because each level requires knowledge and experience gained at the previous level, students may attend only one level per training. First-time attendees must attend Level One.

Some of the Level 1 Topics

• Huna model of Conscious Mind, Unconscious Mind, and Higher Self
• Higher Self Connection
• Ho‘oponopono: Powerful process to clear and heal relationships in support of your evolution
• Chanting: Attune your neurology
• Prime Directives of Unconscious Mind: Understand the unconscious processes
• Dream Time techniques
• Ha Breathing: Controlling your state and energy
• Mana: Working with energy
• Introduction to ancient symbols
• Ho’o Aka Manawa: Your Guide
• Hakalau: the shaman state
• Certification as Huna Haumana

Some of the Level 2 topics

• Higher Self Therapy Qualification: one of the most powerful processes available today for release of emotional and physical blocks
• Further use of ancient symbols
• Awaiku: Working with guides
• Advanced chanting, meditation and clearing
• Advanced energy techniques and how to conducting energy sessions
• Certification as Huna Ho‘omaka

Levels 3 & 4

These levels continue to advance the Huna student’s learning, integration, and application of the principles and practices to greater levels of understanding and use. Topics for Levels 3 and 4 are discussed with all Levels 2 and 3 participants.

Training Schedule



Donna Stuart, Callifornia – Dealing with Life’s Challenges From a Higher Level

Jane Lewis, UK – Beating Clinical Depression

Nani Naope, Hawaii – Finding Connections in an Age of Technology

Mo Nowrung, UK – Harmonious Living

Cortney Dixon, Pennsylvania – Exploring the True SELF

Sachiko Nakano, Japan – Spreading Love and Peace in the World

Robert Ong, California – Exploring and Understanding Who You Are

Robert Alexandrenne, Pennsylvania – Energy Work and Helping Others