The great Kahuna, Daddy Bray said that moving from Unconscious Mind to Conscious Mind to Higher Conscious Mind is the lesson of life, and moving from Higher Conscious Mind to Conscious Mind to Unconscious Mind is the lesson of Kahuna Mastery. What did he mean by this? What are the implications of this kind of thinking?

Let’s see from our own experience how this is true. We all know people who only experience or pay attention to the physical body. We expect that this type of person is not very evolved, since his concerns are very often just about physical or material issues.

Some people only experience the physical and the emotional body together. This person will be more in touch with their emotions, yet not very intellectually developed.

Some people experience just the Physical and the Mental Body, but not the Emotional. This person will likely be dissociated from their feelings.

And if someone was without the development of one or more of the bodies, then they would be unable to perform a function relating to that body. So for example, someone not having the emotional body fully developed would be unable to feel or express tender affections, being incapable of feeling them personally or understanding them in other people.

Worldwide, in the average man, the physical body is the only body that has fully evolved. In some people in the developed parts of the world, we find that the emotional body has matured, and the mental body has grown up to be capable of functioning subjectively. Often in this person, the mental body is not mature enough to carry the ability of abstract thought. It is even more rare to find the progression of thought including true spiritual nature and not just emotional ideals. The great thinkers and healers of our time would, of course, have all four bodies functioning.

Of course we could go on and on with examples of different combinations, but we would ultimately have to say that spiritual evolution in the Huna system involves the maturing of the bodies (and the functions of each body). In Huna, the means of an individual’s spiritual growth is to create the development of full integrated functioning in each of the bodies, as they develop and mature. Since each body matures fully at a different age, all are not available for development at the same time. But as a person matures, then each body becomes available to be developed and integrated.