Donna Stuart, Callifornia – Dealing with Life’s Challenges From a Higher Level

Jane Lewis, UK – Beating Clinical Depression

Nani Naope, Hawaii – Finding Connections in an Age of Technology

Mo Nowrung, UK – Harmonious Living

Cortney Dixon, Pennsylvania – Exploring the True SELF

Sachiko Nakano, Japan – Spreading Love and Peace in the World

Robert Ong, California – Exploring and Understanding Who You Are

Betty Ruks, Hawaii – Hula and Other Ancient Hawaiian Traditions

Robert Alexandrenne, Pennsylvania – Energy Work and Helping Others


“It was confirmed today that the 2 hip surgeries the orthopaedic docs were planning have been cancelled because my hip improved so much in the last month.

Ever since the accident and related surgery 2 years ago, or rather 6 months later when I was able to walk, I kept saying that if felt like the femur head was out of place in the joint which made every step uncertain and often quite painful, but the MDs were uncertain about how to proceed.

Well a bit before Toronto’s NLP prac, I remembered that we learned how to do an Elemental and I created a water one for my hip. A few weeks later, I felt the whole joint shift and I believe it was the Elemental’s work. Can I prove it? Not directly. Sure, I’ve been doing other things such as chiropractic adjustments and a lot more Tai Chi which definitely helped, but I think it was mainly the Elemental.

So it’s an imperfect and maybe not very usable testimonial, but I thought I’d share it.”
Helene Desruisseaux, Canada


“Aloha is for me about being humble. It’s about having humility and being okay with that.”
Stella James, UK


“Within the culture (of Hawaii) there has been preserved an appreciation of the process of life itself.”
Doug Sumner, Virginia


“Hawaii is a place in your heart and you take that with you.”
Nancy, California


“The things that I learn here in Hawaii allow me to be a more centered person give me a sense of calmness and when I am working with other people, I can work with them either personally or I can work with them in a corporate environment and it allows me to just be more myself.”
Brian, Australia


“Greetings! Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy all of your teaching! It’s been almost 4 years since I attended the Huna Workshop, and my life is 100% different that it was when I entered that room. Mostly because I am 100% different, and I couldn’t be happier! I think you know how important the work you are doing is to this world, but I want you to know how important I think it is – Imperative!

Thank you for bringing this information to me and everyone else it’s helped! I’m wishing you all the love, joy and laughter you can stand!!”
Michelle Corbin


“Dr. James, (Matt) thank you so much for the highly inspirational Huna workshop. The experience has impacted me in so many profound ways. There are those such as yourself called to rise and carry the torch of mentorship that most turn away from. I appreciate so much your tireless efforts to cultivate and bring this cultural and spiritual growth opportunity to us.

I’ve spent my entire life living in my conscious mind. What’s worse, I invited everyone else in and allowed them to dictate and control my thoughts and influence my power. Consequently, I lost my ability to communicate with my unconscious mind and higher self. The Huna event begun the process for me to reconnect/discover just who I am, introduce my CM to my UCM and HS, begin to seize my power back, and to open my path to God’s purpose for me.

My wife is my hero! Without her guidance and love I would not have seen or been open to truth; she expose me to NLP and Huna. She saved my life! You provided me the tools I needed to begin my journey of healing, forgiveness, spiritual enlightenment, as well as the enthusiasm to acknowledge and seize my Karma. I feel empowered!

Having said all that, I have a lot to work on. I WILL discover myself now with the gifts/tools I’ve been given.

Thank you again Matt.”

Sincerely, Huna Student