Huna Higher Consciousness Workshop


Why Huna? Ever asked these questions?

• Am I living my life the way I was meant to live it?
• What is my destiny?
• How can I connect with my true nature?
• Am I happy? Am I satisfied?
• Why do things happen the way they do?

Like most, you may value convenience, enjoy instant gratification, or seek to change your life in the most efficient time possible. Huna offers ease, quick results, and change. You will experience empowerment and grow your spirituality, energy, and metaphysical healing powers. Imagine what’s possible for yourself and your spirituality. You can profoundly experience and connect physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with your Higher Power, enabling you to bring into your life whatever you desire.

Huna is for you if:

You are interested in an esoteric view of the world, want to connect more with who you are and discover a whole new world around you, then Huna is for you.

Huna is an experience, distinct from classrooms!

Learning Huna is more about experiencing the knowledge, rather than learning the techniques. While you do both at this training, it is important for you to realize that this is a very different training than any other you have attended. Plan on “living” this material, not just “learning” it.

Volcano Trip: Experience an incredible day trip to an active volcano, and feel a connection with the Goddess Pele.

City of Refuge: Participate in an outing to the most spiritual of all Hawaiian places. Reaching this place was enough for total forgiveness in ancient Hawaii.

Feel the Mana: “Mana” or life force energy is one of the guiding principles of Huna. The mana in Hawaii is very strong, so it is easy to experience its effects.

A Private Luau: Enjoy memorable chanting performances, hula instruction, and sunset ceremonies.

Emotional Clearing: Experience Time-tested emotional clearing techniques from Matthew B. James Time Empowerment® Model.

Ha Breathing: Increase your mana and control your energy levels through breathing methods.

Who attends?

Various people are drawn to Huna. The range includes healthcare professionals, therapists, psychologists, lawyers, business owners, managers, educators, athletes, and college students; in other words, people just like you. Along the way you will learn more about yourself and learn to trust your gut instincts when designing your career, relationships, and health goals.

What you get with Huna

When you join us for The Huna Higher Consciousness Workshop, you will walk away knowing more about yourself and the world around you than is available through modern science and psychology.

Lifetime Support

We provide lifetime support with any purchase of product and on any training you take with us. If at anytime you have a question or need some help, we’ll be there for you.


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Dr Matt James, MA, PhD

Dr Matt James is one of the most highly-sought after trainers and educators in the world today. He is the president of Empowerment, Inc., the leader in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis education.

Matt is a living example of the power of The Empower Your Life teachings. Matt began his studies at an early age, by learning teachings such as meditation and siddha yoga. As a young boy he studied with great teachers such as Baba Muktananda and Uncle George Na`ope (one of the most highly respected authorities on Hawaiian hula and chants, and was honored with the “Living Golden Treasure” designation). In the 80s, he studied with Tony Robbins and was invited by Richard Bandler, the legendary co-founder of NLP, and Wyatt Woodsmall, also a pioneer in the NLP field, to continue his education. Matt was chosen as one of Bandler’s select-few students, eventually becoming certified as an NLP Master Trainer (a level that takes most people years to achieve, if at all).

Having been there in the early years when NLP was just getting off the ground, Matt was well prepared for his future. Now, decades later, he has more than proven himself in his own right as a teacher and educator. He is renowned for his insight and his intuitive gifts for awakening the hearts and minds of his students. His unique upbringing has enabled him to take the best of the best in NLP, Huna, Hypnosis, and Time Empowerment Techniques and develop a proven system of effective, instantaneous, long lasting change.

Through his role as President of Kona University and President and Master Trainer of its training and seminar division, Empowerment, Inc. (formerly Advanced Neuro Dynamics), Matt is personally responsible for bringing thousands of students closer to fulfilling their dreams. Each year he teaches the life-altering techniques of Hypnosis, NLP, Time Empowerment, and the ancient Shamanistic Hawaiian spiritual system of Huna throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Matt is certainly making his life a living demonstration of the extraordinary power of this wisdom. Along the way, he has picked up several university degrees, including an MA in Organizational Management and a PhD in Health (Integrative) Psychology.

Matt continues to be a student of the ancient Hawaiian ways, studying with Etua Lopes, a top student of Uncle George Na`ope. Uncle George and Etua made Matt responsible for the Hawaiian lineage taught and Etua continues to provide Matt support in sharing these teachings with students all over the world.