Thomas Tenaglia

“Huna is *the* missing link. Enjoying just over a week with Matthew James, Etua Lopes, and others, the teachings of both Huna and Hula will be with me forever. Matt combines humor and fun with a passion for what he teaches to create one of the best trainings ever. He is a true follower of the teachings, as well as a genuine role model, teacher, and friend with a passion to help anyone become who they want to be, do what they want to do, and have what they want in their lives. I continue to learn so much about myself, which allows me to lead the happy and successful life I’ve always wanted. The Hula teachings from Kumu Hula Etua Lopes have taught me dedication, passion, love, focus, determination, time management, being true to myself, the importance of a strong foundation, where I am and where I want to be, and so much more. Mahalo and Aloha!”

Abigail Bologa

“Prosperity and abundance in my life has been a challenge for me for many years. The concepts taught here at this weekend (Huna: Creating Prosperity and Wealth) was amazing. In such a short weekend the information presented was clear and concise. It is nothing like I’ve ever read or even heard of before. Matthew’s insight and teachings are wonderfully unique and it drives the point across. I absolutely believe he is the best there is out there. If you believe you deserve a life of abundance and prosperity then take this course!”

Daryl L. Frazier

“I have taken many trainings with Empowerment, Inc. from Matthew B. James, as well as other trainers. My Huna experience (Huna Higher Consciousness Workshop September 2007) has made very profound and lasting changes in my life. Huna completely transformed the way I see and use my energy. My experience there gave me great insight on how I interact with others and has helped me improve every relationship in my life, including short and long-term. I have so much more patience and understanding in regards to the way we communicate with each other. I use processes I learned in Hawaii almost, if not, everyday of life. I often use what I learned to help others move beyond a limited way of thinking and believing. When Matthew says that we are more than we think we are, it only begins to describe the way everyone can become inspired. You will meet yourself in a new way and gain many new wonderful friends in the process. To my friends that I haven’t met yet and to those I have, “I will see you at Huna.” Aloha!”

Patrick Ross Scott

“I came to The Huna Higher Consciousness Workshop (March 2008) having struggled with clarity of purpose, mission, and career for two years. I had a job, that although paid well, did not feel like my true contribution. One day, while at Huna, when we spent many hours in meditation, I became very peaceful, calm, centered, and grounded. I realized with total clarity that I needed to quit my job. As soon as the training was over, I did just that. Now, two months later, I have a thriving business of my own and have tripled my income, something I was not expecting. I plan to continue to integrate the Huna teachings into my life. I believe this ancient wisdom helped me get so much clearer about my contribution to the planet. Thank you!”